SOMAUS is an organization working on getting a solution for environmental degradation in the world in general and in particular in their respective area Somalia. The organization focuses to reach the achievement equality, justice and accomplishment at the point where gender and environmental issue meet.



All Somalians should be equal, with objectives promoting equality


All Somalians have a right to a fair, protected and equal life


Somalian people should be given as many opportunities as possible


SOMAUS is an advocacy organization with the objective that promotes and protect gender equality, human rights, and the integrity of the environment.


SOMAUS has a goal to protect, restore and develop environmental quality towards good public health, climate change, land degradation, pollution and waste management, environmental integrity and economic viability.

Environmental Issues

In the environment section, SOMAUS has various units focus environmental issues including:

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Environmental Main Focus

Waste management Unit

Air and Water Pollution Unit;

Biodiversity Unit

Climate Change Unit

Wildlife Conservation

Environmental Education Unit

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