Environmental Conservation




  • To encourage forest production of the frankincense collectors.
  • To reduce natural resource degradation by using simple, appropriate, low-cost techniques.
  • To improve total awareness of natural resource conservation by the local community, local authorities and the international community.


Key Focus Areas


  • Charcoal prevention.
  • Soil conservation.
  • Run-off water harvesting.


Main Activities


  • Lobbying and advocating improvement of Somali heritage forest production (frankincense).
  • Raising community awareness of the significance of inland resource conservation (such as rock dams).
  • Growing seedlings and distributing shade trees for towns and villages and for wind belts.

Source: FAO/Somalia plan of action 2011-2012.


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Environmental Conservation Strategies


The following FAO strategy targets environmental conservation:

IV. Managing natural resources for recovery and sustainable use.

Source: FAO/Somalia plan of action 2011-2015.


Who is the FAO?


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


Puntland Region.


Adding value to frankincense, myrrh and gum arabic through

processing, quality improvement, packaging and finding high value

markets would result in more jobs, better producer incomes and

government revenue.

Source: FAO/Somalia plan of action 2011-2012.