• To improve living conditions for subsistence farmers.
  • To improve farming practices in the rural communities.
  • To encourage agricultural production of subsistence farmers in order to increase food security.
  • To improve the economic standard of the rural communities through the establishment of supporting pilot projects for the agriculture, livestock, restoration of public infrastructure and drinking water sectors.


Key focus areas

  • Provision of agricultural supplies.
  • Introducing new cash crops.
  • Improving agricultural knowledge.
  • Supplying veterinary medicines.
  • Improving animal husbandry.


Main activities

  • Supplying agricultural supplies such as seeds and farming tools.
  • Providing training for local farmers to improve agricultural knowledge.
  • Providing veterinary medicines, vaccinations and water for animals during periods of drought.

Source: FAO/Somalia plan of action 2011-2012.

Agriculture and livestock strategies


The following FAO strategies target agriculture and livestock:

I. Linking short-term humanitarian actions to longer term development goals to ‘build back better’.

II. Learning from and building on Somali coping and survival tactics.

III. Sustainable fishing for increased incomes of fishing communities and fishermen.


Who is the FAO?

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.