What We Do


Major challenges

The primary challenge is the size of the geographic area that needs to be covered.

The wide-spread problems include under-investment in health, education, agriculture,
drinking water, civil society capacity, public buildings and environmental conservation.

There is a big challenge for SomAus Help to bridge the gap between required interventions and available funds.

How we are approaching the challenges

With your help we can tackle challenges including health, education,
agriculture and livestock,
safe drinking water and environmental conservation. We also advocate to relieve poverty, sickness, distress and helplessness in Somalia.

Source: FAO/Somalia plan of action 2011-2012.

Critical Factors

FAO has identified two enabling factors critical to achieving the agreed strategies for Somalia:

I. Linking short-term humanitarian actions to longer term development goals to ‘build back better’.

II. Learning from and building on Somali coping and survival tactics.

Source: FAO/Somalia plan of action 2011-2015.

Who is the FAO?

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.